Text 11 Nov Inspiration

People always ask where you get your ideas to create something. Anything artistic has to come from the mind as a dream. The answer is inspiration! Artists always look at work from other artists to get ideas and inspiration. There’s a big difference between stealing ideas from another artist and instead using those ideas differently as inspiration. Everyone does it. Influence and inspiration played a large role in my latest video The Haunted Forest. Here’s my video:

Now here are two videos that I used as inspiration for my video:

I love the filming style and the beauty of the forest. There is a sense of mystery and a great display of beauty that usually gets missed.

The music for this video helped me compose the music for my video and create the mood I wanted for the Halloween theme. I also loved the lens flare and made the sun an object rather than a lighting source. There was a true sense of mystery and a cold feeling that I loved. 

Text 23 Oct 1 note Color Correcting, Before and After

My favorite part is the editing when it comes to film. I thought I would show some pictures of before and after color correcting. It’s amazing what we can do with color correction!


In the picture above you can see the right is the raw shot, which is much darker because the sun behind her would have over exposed her hair. The left is the final correction making everything nice and even and showing off her eyes more.


In the picture above the right is the final correction. When there’s a sun flare I like to show it off by adding a golden tone to the shot.


This picture above from Down the Same Path shows not only color correction but the addition of visual effects like particle effects and a glow. The left is the raw shot and side by side shows a lot more blue than the final shot!


This shot above also includes particle effects, glow, and lens flare from the actual sun and flare added in post. In this video there wasn’t much actual color correction. I just removed the blues naturally in the footage and increased the contrast. The visual effects added more color to the shot and made it look awesome. :)

Text 10 Oct Things You Do

The new music video is going up tomorrow. I shot it in early August when I was in California with two of my favorite people! We got all the shots we needed in three days. Most of the filming happened in the first two days. The third day we re shot a scene in different lighting. I’ll probably post a blooper reel of my videos and I’ll include some of the cut footage from this video that never made it in. 

erika 2

I initially got the idea for the video when I heard the song by Jessie Lefebvre. I e-mailed her and got permission to use the song and started planning the shoot. Jessie Lefebvre is really talented and really nice! She was excited about the idea and helped me out as much as possible.


Everything worked really smoothly for the video. I’m really lucky for that!

Text 27 Aug Down The Same Path

Next week is coming very fast and my new video comes out Thursday September 6th. It was fun shooting this video because it has a fantasy feel to it.

Down The Same Path

It took us about four days to shoot the entire thing. The first day, we filmed around town and in my friends apartment. On the second day, we filmed locally and went up to a place I found that is always pretty secluded. On the third day, we filmed another part locally with another friend. And on the fourth day, I went back up and got some more footage of the trees.

From The Sky

The most tedious part was adding the visual effects. I used After Effects to make it the way I wanted it and I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Thanks to Kimi and Ryan for acting in the video. Thanks to Lucky for letting us use his apartment. :]

Text 21 Jul Youtube

After months of preparation, filming, and editing, I’m getting ready to focus my attention on youtube. It’s a great place to show your talent to the world and get noticed. More and more people and businesses are not only turning to youtube, but the internet for social media.

Here’s a picture from the first video that will be released at the end of the summer.

The Box

Along with the release of the video my facebook page will be deleted and the new facebook page with the youtube username recklasman will be my new page. You can get a head start and go like it. ;]

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